Excavator Bucket Bushing

Excavator Bucket Bushing

Track Pin and Track Bushing /Bucket Pin and Bucket Bushing ForExcavator andbulldozerparts

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Excavator track pins to suit all makes and models of excavators we can help you get the correct track bushings and pins to suit your machine.

Products imformation:

There are two general types of conventional bucket packaging : mesh bags and woven bags:

The left picture shows the mesh bag, the right picture shows the woven bag, and the conventional default package is the woven bag on the right . The net bag price is higher than the woven bag.


If other packaging requirements need to be determined in advance, some customers will require wooden packaging.

The material of the bucket sleeve is 40Cr . There are two kinds of quality in the routine. The difference is that the heat treatment method is different:

Ordinary: 40Cr , quenching , hardness HRC43-48

Good: 40Cr, carburizing (caburizating), hardness HRC58-62

Some unconventional sizes do not have 40Cr blanks, only can be carburized with seamless tubes ( 20# )

Carburizing price is much more expensive than quenching and tempering


Each quality can be made in different colors. There are three conventional types: white (silver), gray (phosphorylated) and black (electrophoresis).

Gray and black prices are the same as black ones.

There are three types of internal oil grooves in the sleeve: 8 -shaped groove, textured groove, and perforated groove (ditch). The perforation slot is the most expensive, the mesh groove is the second, and then the 8 word slot. Punch groove and mesh groove are much more expensive than 8- word groove, generally buy 8 word slot

There are three types of sleeves: straight sleeve, single side sleeve, double sleeve

Generally straight sets order quantity of 100, conventional single bilateral sets are generally 100 from the set, if unconventional single set of bilateral require 500 from the set, because from a single set of bilateral rough order quantity is 500. There are a lot of conventional sizes, and it is not unconventional.

The conventional packaging of the sleeve is packed in a blister carton, as shown below:


If there are other packaging requirements, it needs to be determined in advance.



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