Excavator Bucket Pin

Excavator Bucket Pin

High quality casting trackpinand bushings mini excavator bulldozer spare parts

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Excavator track pins to suit all makes and models of excavators we can help you get the correct track bushings and pins to suit your machine.

Products imformation:

Bucket shaft(bucker pin): There are two kinds of quality in the conventional, the main difference is material and heat treatment:

Ordinary is 45# , medium frequency ( case hardening ), surface hardness is HRC53-58;

Good as 40Cr, quenching (quenching &termping), IF, surface hardness HRC53-58, core hardness HRC23-28.

Each quality can be made in different colors. There are three kinds of regular colors, white (silver), black ( blue ), gray (phosphorized), the highest quality gray, black, and then white.

Some customers will require no white color, no grinding after the intermediate frequency, the surface is a circle of black color, the lowest price.

The same color, the two qualities look the same.

The picture on the left is the color that is not polished after the intermediate frequency.

Conventional bucket shafts are available in oil and oil-free holes, and oil holes are more expensive than oil-free holes.

track pin

The conventional bucket shaft head is with a disc:

Generally , the non-welded disc with a shaft diameter of 50 mm or less is the head of the car, and the diameter of the head is the diameter of the shaft body + 5 mm ;

The bucket shaft welding disc with a shaft diameter of 50 or more , the diameter of the disc ≤ the diameter of the shaft body + 20 mm ;

If it is a special disc, you need to provide drawings or sketches.




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