Benefits of Chassis sealing

- Nov 13, 2018 -

1. Chassis anti-corrosion: The rust of the car began from the bottom plate, June disappeared, only ran for two or three years of the car side beam has begun to overflow rust.

Every time the car wash sewage will remain at the bottom, long-term will form a potential corrosive factors, to the car to cause damage, if the bottom of your car is sealed, then even acid rain, snow dissolving agent, car wash alkali water can not erode this layer of protective film. 

2. Anti-stone strike: The vehicle in the process of driving, will splash pebbles, stone impact on the bottom plate force is proportional to your speed, generally 10 grams of small stones at an speed of 80 kilometers per hour when the impact will reach their own weight of 100 times times.

Enough to break the paint film below 30 microns, once the paint film is broken, Rust will start from the defect and slowly expand from the inside of the iron plate, if your car is sealed at the bottom, even if the gravel with 5 kilograms of force impact can not break it.

3. Shockproof: Engines, wheels are fixed on the car chassis, their vibrations in a certain frequency will resonate with the bottom plate, so that people have a very uncomfortable feeling, and the bottom protection will eliminate a certain resonance. 

4. Insulation: In winter, the car to open the air conditioner, hot gas often sink, and the ground air conditioner outside the car to rise, hot and cold air is mostly concentrated on the vehicle floor for exchange, the vehicle bottom protection effect, directly determines how the vehicle's energy utilization effect, if your car bottom seal, then,

The quartz sand in its membrane completely isolates the heat and cold.

5. Sound insulation and noise reduction: the vehicle is driving on the fast road, the wheel and road friction sound proportional to the speed, the vehicle has a good bottom protection, can greatly reduce the noise in the car. 

6. Anti-Todi: Bottom sealing material thickness up to 1.5 to 2.5 mm, when the bottom is scratched by the road protrusion, chassis sealing can reduce the damage of the protrusion to the chassis.

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