Introduction to Bushings

- Nov 13, 2018 -

In moving parts, because of the long-term friction caused by the wear of parts, when the gap between the shaft and hole wear to a certain extent must be replaced parts, so the designer in the design of the selection of low hardness, wear resistance of the material for the bushing or bushing, which can reduce the wear of shafts and seats, When the bushing or bushing wear to a certain extent to replace, which can save the cost of changing the shaft or seat, in general, the bushing and seat using the excess, and the shaft with the gap, because no matter how still can not avoid wear, can only prolong the life, and shaft parts are relatively easy to process , there are some new designers do not like this design, think that this is in the manufacturing time to increase costs, but after a period of use, maintenance or to adapt to this method, but the transformation is easy to cause the accuracy of the equipment reduction, the reason is very simple, two processing is unable to guarantee the location of the center of the seat to supplement some, Bushing in some low speed, high radial load and high clearance requirements of places (such as camshafts) used to replace rolling bearings (in fact, bushings are also a kind of sliding bearings), the material requirements of low hardness and wear resistance, bushing inner hole by grinding scraping, can achieve a high coordination accuracy, the inner wall must have lubricating oil tank, bushing lubrication is very important , dry grinding words, shafts and bushings will soon be scrapped, it is recommended that the installation of scraping bushing inner hole wall, so that can leave a lot of small pits, enhance lubrication bushings and bushings are based on different mining conditions to choose different models. The main conditions are: pressure, speed, pressure speed product, lubrication state, load properties.

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