Key Technologies of Bushings

- Nov 13, 2018 -

1, tight sleeve cone angle difference must be good national standard with d1mp-D3MP said, different sizes Chishing from + 0.018-0.09 is the upper bias requirements tight sleeve cone angle difference can only be large and not small, that is, big end must cooperate with contact, cone small end can be a little gap, cone hole with bad, supporting centering roller bearings will form a single row roller force situation, unstable operation, large vibration, large music, easy to loosen, bearing life is short, high-precision fastening sleeve cone angle difference should also be ≤0.0

05, to ensure that the contact area is not less than 90%. 

2, tight bushing outer cone facing the radial beat of the inner hole (that is, usually called wall thickness difference) to high precision, otherwise the rotating axis due to the fair amount of centripetal force, can not be bumpy operation, vibration, large music, wall thickness difference of "0" is the ideal form.

GB rules of the maximum bearing inner diameter 65 below the size of the bearing specification group of the maximum clearance value of about 1/2, and C-class precision maximum clearance value is very, so the national standard qualified fastening sleeve products used in fine-grade heavy load bearing matching is not possible. 

3, tight sleeve outside the conical surface, the appearance of the inner hole is better, that is, the shape of the tolerance is good, cylindrical accuracy is better, this is not the rule of any single section size in the field of tolerance is qualified, this is the formation of external conical surface linear control is not strict, especially grinding outside the conical surface cut into grinding,

Grinding wheel correction is not good, the appearance of the straightness is very poor, ordinary enterprises and no contour instrument inspection, so this project in China's compact set of products on the product of a large problem, seriously affecting the matching accuracy and supporting the stability, the same as the formation of bearing function is poor. 

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