Practical Application of Bushings

- Nov 13, 2018 -

1, Installation: Expansion sleeve in the factory has been coated with lubricating oil, can be directly installed and used. When installing, the three bolts are first screwed into the screw hole of the other flange along the circumference of the cloth, and the inner sleeve and coat are opened.

Then put the expansion sleeve into the design position of the hub hole, the use of force plate hand tightening bolts, tightening the method is each bolt only screwed to 1/4 of the rated torque, tightening the order to open the seam for the boundary, left and right cross-symmetry successively tightened, to ensure that the rated torque value is reached. 

2, Disassembly: Remove all bolts first to relax a few laps.

Then cross-unscrew the bolt top loosening sleeve in the removed screw hole. 

3, Protection: When installing to prevent swelling sleeve pollution. In the open-air operation or poor working environment of the machine, should be regularly on the exposed expansion sleeve end surface and bolts on the coating of anti-rust grease, should choose a better anti-rust type of expansion sleeve. Swelling and tightening coupling sleeve is a new advanced mechanical foundation in modern times. is a new type of non-bond coupling device which is widely used in the world to realize the connection between machine parts and shafts, and to realize the pressure and friction between the containment surfaces by tightening the 12.9-stage high strength screws to achieve load transfer.

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