Excavator Bucket Types

- Jan 29, 2019 -
Mini Excavator Bucket

Excavator buckets, also called buckets, are divided into backhoe buckets and front bucket buckets according to the working mode. Generally, backhoe buckets are commonly used.

According to the material bucket, it is also divided into standard bucket, reinforcement bucket, rock bucket, gravel bucket and so on. The standard bucket material is made of domestic high-quality high-strength structural steel 16Mn, which is suitable for excavation of general clay and loose soil and lighter working environment such as loading of sand, soil and gravel. Reinforced parts of the bucket are made of high-quality high-strength wear-resistant steel NM360. It is suitable for excavating heavy soils such as hard soil or gravel and gravel mixed with soft gravel. The tooth plate and side blade of the rock bucket are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel HARDOX imported from Sweden. It is suitable for excavating hard soil, hard rock, weathered stone or hard rock mixed with hard gravel and ore after blasting. Heavy load environment such as loading.

The bucket is also divided into a water bucket, a grid bucket, a cleaning bucket, a tilt bucket, and the like according to functions. The water ditch bucket is suitable for excavation of trenches of various shapes, and the trench is excavated once and formed, generally no need to be trimmed, and the work efficiency is high. The grid bucket is suitable for the separation of loose materials, excavation and separation, and is widely used in municipal, agricultural, forestry, water conservancy and earthwork projects. The cleaning bucket and the inclined bucket are suitable for the trimming of the plane such as the slope and the large-capacity dredging and cleaning work of the river channel and the ditch. The tilting bucket can change the inclination angle of the cleaning bucket through the oil cylinder, thereby greatly improving the work efficiency.

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