Ten Misunderstandings Of Excavators Running In Winter

- Jan 07, 2019 -

In the cold and cold winter, excavators in many areas are still in working condition. In this season, the excavator is slightly mishandled, which will cause malfunctions. So how can you make your excavator safe for the winter, what are the misunderstandings of the excavator in winter? The author below has compiled 10 major operational misunderstandings for everyone.


1. Choose the wrong diesel and engine oil
When selecting diesel, oil and hydraulic oil for the excavator in the winter, it is too random. This is a big mistake in operation. The use of unreasonable oil will affect the service life of the excavator. In the winter, you should choose light diesel oil with low freezing point and good firing performance. The oil should also choose low-condensation point, and the oil filter should be replaced to replace the hydraulic oil that can adapt to the local minimum temperature in winter.

2. Release the cooling water too early
When will the cooling water be placed in winter? First of all, you must know that it is a mistake to put the cooling water too early or not. If the water is not completely discharged, the residual cooling water will freeze and expand; if the cooling water is placed earlier, the temperature of the engine is too high, and suddenly the cold air will suddenly shrink, and cracks will occur in serious cases; correct operation Yes: The engine is turned off and idle for a while. Wait until the temperature of the cooling water reaches below 60 °C. At this time, extinguish the water again.
Winter excavator

3. Insufficient engine preparation in cold weather
It is also one of the wrong operations to start the excavator engine directly on a cold weather without doing adequate inspection work. You should first check if the safety lock lever is locked; turn the fuel control knob to the low speed position; the start switch key remains in the warm-up position; if the oil pressure monitor indicator lights up after the engine is started, the travel pedal and the joystick cannot be operated. 

4. Start with an open flame
Pay special attention to the fact that it is impossible to start with an open flame. In simple terms, the air filter is removed, and then the cotton yarn is ignited and the ignition material is placed in the intake pipe to start the combustion. This is very damaging to the machine because impurities in the air can enter the cylinder, causing wear and tear on components such as pistons and damaging the machine.
excavator Winter

5. Start the machine in a hurry without warming up.
In order to be faster and simpler, there are many operators who have the wrong way to start the machine. For example, if the engine is started in a hurry without warming up, it is also very damaging to the machine. To master the correct preheating method, the excavator should be correct before starting. The preheating operation check is: first press the preheat switch, start the engine after preheating for 10 seconds, wait for the engine to run smoothly, and check whether the instruments and indicators are normal.
6. Do not warm the machine directly to operate the excavator
After the start of the winter excavator engine, the operator will immediately go to work, and the operation will be started without warming up. This is strictly forbidden. Warm-up operation is essential. The warm-up machine mainly includes the warm-up of the engine and the warm-up of the hydraulic oil. After the engine starts, it should run at a low speed for less than 5 minutes. Then, turn the fuel control knob to the center between the low speed and the high speed. Run the engine at medium speed for about 5 minutes under no-load conditions. Remember to start construction work after the warm-up is over.
excavator Winter2

7. Bake the oil sump with an open flame
It is quite dangerous to use an open flame to bake the oil sump when operating the excavator in winter. In this way, it is easy to cause the oil in the oil pan to deteriorate and burn, resulting in a decrease in the lubricity of the oil, causing serious wear and tear of the machine, and in serious cases, a large accident of burning the machine may occur.

8. Don't care about the insulation work of the equipment
Who said that winter excavators do not need insulation? In winter, you should treat your love machine well. After the winter is over, don't forget to cover the heat-dissipating curtain and insulation sleeve on your excavator engine. If necessary, block the wind with cardboard in front of the radiator.

excavator Winter3
9. The walking operation is not appropriate
When the excavator is in transition, the walking operation is indispensable, and the winter excavator walking should pay more attention. Remember to run at a constant speed and avoid slipping on the slopes. Do not slam the direction and sway on the upper body. This is easy to cause lateral sliding and cause dangerous situations. When digging the machine, try to stay away from the surrounding obstacles. To avoid collision between the parking block and the obstacle.
10. After the machine is shut down, the excavator will be ignored.
Don't think that if you finish your work, you can put the excavator aside and ignore it. This idea is very dangerous. After the shutdown, the mud and water on the excavator body should be removed to prevent the seal from being damaged due to mud and dirt entering the seal together with the water droplets. The location of the machine is important, it should be parked on a hard, dry floor, and the water accumulated in the fuel system should be drained to prevent freezing.


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