Excavator Track Adjuster

Excavator Track Adjuster

Excavator Tensioner Track Adjuster Recoil Spring Assy For Hitachi EX30 9112555

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Product Details

Track adjusters are available to fit all makes and models of Excavators and Bulldozers including, Caterpillar, Daewoo, Doosan, John Deere, Kobelco, Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, Liebherr, Sumitomo, Volvo and more.

Product name

Undercarriage Part, Track Adjuster   & Recoil




Yellow or Black & Customized


Forging or Casting



Warranty time

One Year / 2000 hours (Normal work 4000 hours)


Standard exported wooden pallet

Fumigate seaworthy packing

Time of delivery

Within 30 days after contact established.

Port of shipment




Payment terms

T/T or L/C at sight



Our service

1.Professional Customer service

Give Us Size or Model No., Give You products". .
2. Sale & Service Team

24 Hours Online, Best service here for you anytime. Any question, please free contact us. will reply within 24 hours
3. Factory & Warehouse

Focus on Quality Assurance. Keep the Enough Stock.
4. About the Quality

We can offer the material report and test report.

RECOIL SPRING.— The recoil spring is a large coil spring placed in the track frame in a way that enables the spring to absorb shock from the front idler. The spring is compressed before installation and held in place by stops or spacers. The track adjusting mechanism, by pressing against the spring stop, maintains the desired tension on the track assembly by holding the idler and yoke in the forward position. The operation of the coil spring depends on the amount of tension on the truck.

More models for your reference

Komatsu:PC20/ PC30/ PC40/ PC60-5/6/7/ PC75U/ PC90/   PC90-6/ PC 100-5/PC120-5/ PC120-6 / PC120-6 / PC130-7 / PC128UU /PC150-5 /   PC20HT / PC200-1 / PC200-2 / PC200-3/ PC220-3 / PC220-5 / PC200-6 / PC200-6P   / PC200-7 / PC220-7 / PC228UU / PC300-2/ PC300-3 / PC300-5 / PC300-6/ PC300-7   / PC350-6/ PC360-7 / PC400-3 / PC400-5 / PC400-6 / PC450/ PC600/   PC650D20,D21, D30, D31, D40, D50, D53, D55, D58,D60, D60*3,D61, D65, D75,   D80, D85, D155.D355,0375

Caterpillar:E305.5/E70B/E110/E120B/E215/E235/E307/E311/E312/E322/E180   /E240/E200B/E320//E325/E300/E300B/E330/E336D D3C,D4C,D4D,D4E ,D4H,D5,D5B,D5M   ,D6,D6B,D6D,D6C,D6H, D6R,D7G,D7F,D7E,D7H,D7R,D8R,D8K,D8H etc.

Daewoo/Doosan:DH200-3/DH220-2/DH220-3/DH220-5/DH220-7LC/DH225LC-7/DH258-7/DH280/DH290/DH290-5/DH300-   5(V)/DH300LC-7/DH320/DH330-3/DH360-5/DH370LC-7/DH420LC-7   /DH500-7/DH55/DH55-5(V)/DH55-5 /DH60-7 /DH150-7 /DH200-3/DH220-3 /DH102   /DH225-7 /DH258-7 /DH280 /DH290 /DH300-5 /DH320 /DH330-3 /DH360-5 /DH500

Hyundai:R60-5/R60-7/R80-7 /R130-5 /R130-7/ R140/   R150W/R170/ R200 / R210-3/ R220-5/ R210-9 /R215-7 /R225-7 /R245 /R260-5   /R280/R290 /R300 /R305-7


Hitachi:EX60-1 /EX60-2 /EX60-3 /EX60-5 /EX90   /EX100-1 /EX100-3 /EX100-5 /EX120-1 /EX120-2 /EX200-3 /EX200-5 /EX210-5   /ZX120 /ZX160 /EX200-1 /EX200-2 /EX200-3 /EX200-5 /EX210-5 /ZX200 /ZX200-3   /ZX225 /EX220-5 ZX230/ZX240 /ZX270/EX300-1/ EX300-2 /EX300-3/ EX300-5 /ZX330   /EX450 /ZX480

Kato:HD140/HD250/HD400/HD450/HD550/HD700/HD820/HD850/HD880/HD900/HD1220/HD1250   HD450-7 /HD512 /HD100 /HD700-1 /HD700-2 /HD700-5 /HD700-7 /HD770SE /HD770-1   /HD770-2 /HD800-7 /HD820-1 /HD900-7 /HD1250-5 /HD250-5 /HD250-7 /HD307 /HD516   /HD400-7 /HD450-5

Kobelco:SK40/SK60/SK100/SK120/SK200/SK220/SK230-6/SK04-   2/SK07/SK07N2/SK09/SK12/SK14/SK300/SK330/SK350-8/SK400


JCB:JCB801.5/ JCB 802/803/804/ JCB   805/806/JCB8025/ JCB8040/ JS130/ JS140/ JS160/ JS200/ JS220/ JS240/260/ JS330NLC/   JS360

Sumitomo:SH70/SH100/SH120-A2/ SH120A3 /SH160/SH200/   SH200A1/ SH200A2 SH200A3/ SH210A3 / SH220A1/   SH225/SH260/SH265/SH280/SH300/SH340 SH340/SH350/SH400/SH580

Volvo:EC55/EC210/EC240 /EC290/EC360/EC460

Any other model and more details, please contact us, we are looking forward to cooperating with you. Thank you!


You are a trader or a manufacture?

We are an industry and trade integration business, our factory located on Quanzhou Nan’an, and our sales department is in Xiamen. It’s about 100kms away from the factory.

How about the Undercarriage Warranty?

MIC Undercarriage Parts are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 12 months or 2000 hours on a pro-rata basis from date of delivery.

How can I be sure the part will fit my excavator?

Give us correct model number/machine serial number/ any numbers on the parts itself. Or measure the parts give us dimension or drawing. Also, we will confirm all the details before production.

What is your delivery time?

FOB Xiamen or any port of China: 40-45 days. If there are any parts in stock, the delivery time only 7-10 days.

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